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lost kings: The animated series

Lost Kings is an animated series I created featuring two brothers who find themselves lost in a nerdy fantasy world. Below you’ll find two scripts. One for a sample teaser scene from the show that I wrote, and another for the show’s trailer that I co-wrote. Next to each is the corresponding animatics that I produced and directed.

lost kings trailer

lost kings teaser scene

superman: Origins

Superman: Origins was my first venture as a project lead and writer. I co-wrote a feature length script and produced/directed a short teaser for the film. Sadly, the film was never completed, but it was a learning experience I will always cherish. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to bring this project to life! Oh, and as a bonus I thought I’d throw in the full recorded audio of the film so you can read along with it!

deifos: Warriors of the gods

Deifos is an open-world video game title I’m producing. We are currently creating a trailer for the game that I co-wrote and directed. You can find the script with the current WIP version of the trailer below.

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